About Us

PT. Adicipta Warinet Jaya, Jakarta, and PT. Adicipta Carakajaya, Denpasar, as well famous as ADITENT, notice a good business opportunity in surabaya, especially in exhibition, corporate and personal events industry. Since then, both companies decided to launch a new sister company for Surabaya area.

In 2008, the idea was realized by the launched of PT. Marquee Tenda Dome, located in Jl. Sutorejo Prima Utara PDD-9, Surabaya, with specialty in Tent, Rigging, Staging and Grandstand Seating.

PT. Marquee Tenda Dome will be a good partner for you who is planing for an elegant wedding, exhibition, corporate galas, or an outdoor event. Our experienced, specially-trained consultant will provide an auto Computer-Aided Design (AutoCAD) perspective drawing in order to visualize your plan.